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Bridge of Americas C-130 over<BR>rain forest C-130 over<BR>over Howard AFB C-27 Spartan<BR>over brgide
Bridge of Americas C-130 over
rain forest
C-130 over
over Howard AFB
C-27 Spartan
over brgide

C-27 Spartan over<BR>Howard AFB C-27 Spartan over<BR>Miraflores Lake C-27 Spartan over<BR>Panama Canal C-21 Learjet<BR>over bridge
C-27 Spartan over
Howard AFB
C-27 Spartan over
Miraflores Lake
C-27 Spartan over
Panama Canal
C-21 Learjet
over bridge

C-130 lands<BR>in Colombia Dave Goss at<BR>Contractor's Hill Fishing at<BR>Lake Gatun Cuna in canoe
C-130 lands
in Colombia
Dave Goss at
Contractor's Hill
Fishing at
Lake Gatun
Cuna in

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